Property Investment Strategy to Generate Wealth

Property investment is a proven strategy to generate wealth, building high returns enabling youto secure your financial future.

There are a number of wealth creation options and property investment is one you can be certain of. Property values in Australia are increasing at a steady rate. This is a trend that will continue, providing nest eggs in the medium and long term.

Once you have gained the knowledge and insight into building wealth you can continue to build a great deal of wealth through property investment.

It’s easy – for just $49 per week you can own an investment property!

With WealthBuilt you can buy a brand new property and keep it as a property investment from as little as $49 per week. You can:

  • Buy a property investment
  • Obtain finance for a property investment
  • Have your property properly managed

For a free consultation call 1300 878 278. Once you are made aware of the wealth building opportunities you will realise why property investment makes good sense. You will also get yourself a wealth creation education in the process.

Property Investment Strategy to Generate Wealth


Property investment makes good sense

WealthBuilt takes care of all your property investment needs so you can sit back, relax and know your financial future is secure. Wealth Built keep you up to date with the latest trends and opportunities allowing you to continue to manage your wealth through investment education. With Property Investment Company WealthBuilt, you are in safe hands as they have over 25 years experience.

Property investment steps to success

  1. Buy a brand new investment property

Don’t wait to buy property when you can buy property and wait! As soon as you have purchased an investment property it will already begin to increase in value before the build is complete and before it’s even been paid for. Why buy old when you can buy new? An older property may be in need of repairs. With a brand new property, you will save a fortune in tax and stamp duty.

  1. Reap the returns

By choosing a capital growth region in Queensland you know your investment will grow and generate a good rate of return. Investment property company and partner WealthBuilt, know the property hot spots and can advise you where your returns will be at their best and demand for rentals is high. WealthBuilt will manage your property if you wish, ensuring it is occupied and maintained to a high standard.

  1. Build your wealth

Watch your investment grow straight away. As soon as you sign up, you agree a fixed price below the market value. It takes 6-8 months to build as a fixed price it’s not subject to change. Its value will increase before the build is complete and continue to do so in years to follow. You may decide to sell it on for a profit before it’s even finished to maximise short term gains.

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