Property Investment Mentors Make Fortunes in Real Estate

Why do some people make fortunes in real estate while others only have one investment property or  have a couple of properties that barely keep up with inflation?

We show you how to make educated choices by teaching you what, when, where and how to buy as well as develop a wealth building strategy BEFORE they purchase real estate AND make their selection based on a set of proven criteria.

We are educators and mentors

  • We show you how to select real estate investments like a professional and grow your property portfolio with confidence
  • We show you how to determine your real estate investment goals
  • We teach you how to effectively identifying investment property with potential for superior growth and consistent demand from quality tenants

Property Investment Mentors Make Fortunes in Real Estate

We also show you

  • Why you need a firm foundation to create wealth through property
  • Assess your investment capability without affecting your lifestyle
  • What properties maximize capital appreciation
  • The key indicators that determine when to enter a market so that you gain the most equity in the shortest period of time
  • How a property market moves through economic cycles
  • Why tough times do not last in the economy
  • How to select the best location for your investment property to create both capital appreciation and is a tenant magnate
  • How to select an investment property at the right price so that your ROI is favorable
  • We provide you with all critical tools and research to help you make the right choice

Identify market trends to reduce the risk in investment decisions you make so that you are in full control at all times.

We are your coach for the life of your property investment

We also help you with you can also get more information about investment and SMSF.

Overcoming your fear of property investing

  • Tailored wealth creation plan
  • Wealth creation strategies others use
  • Individualized investment cash flow and budget analysis
  • How to maximise your weekly cash flow and minimise tax
  • Property Investment financial structures and strategies
  • Property Investment legal advice and services
  • Property Investment tax advice and services
  • Total Asset Protection advice and services
  • Property Investment selection and acquisition
  • Free Property Investment cash flow projection
  • How to accelerate your wealth by using compound growth

How we further help you achieve your goals:

  • We use stringent selection criteria
  • We only offer the best available property investment opportunities that exactly meet your need and situation
  • We teach you how to have the right funding in place that will ensure you achieve the optimum outcome to reach your goals
  • We show you how to protect your assets and wealth from day one so that it stays with you and your family
  • We show you how to make your money work for you – letting you to continue to invest and build your wealth
  • Discover that property is just a tool to get finance
  • Learn how to build an asset base that throws off continuous cash flow
  • We conduct a once per year property performance review so you can be sure you are achieving your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Get a free finance health check to see when you can purchase a brand new investment property

As you can see, we work with you until you achieve every one of your financial goals.

We also constantly research and monitor the Australian property markets and analyse demographics such as:

  • Population and potential for future growth
  • High growth areas in our major capital cities (where demand will be strong and investment returns highest)
  • Major lifestyle trends
  • Analysing population shifts – looking ahead to identify rapidly expanding markets or hot spots
  • Employment opportunities
  • Planned infrastructure developments
  • The supply and demand for accommodation in an area
  • Local industry and employment opportunities
  • The current household structure –i.e. single, couple, couples with children
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